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We wish out seniors the VERY BEST!!!! Go Raiders! Senior 2020...
We wish our seniors the VERY BEST! Go Raiders!!! Senior 2020...
Over the next week WYLC will be Spotlighting the 2020 Wellesley High...
We wish our seniors the VERY BEST! Go Raiders! Senior Spotlight...
SENIOR SPOTLIGHT 2020 - Faith Graves
  We wish our seniors the VERY BEST! Go Raiders!!! Senior...
SENIOR SPOTLIGHT 2020 - Anna Hereu
  We wish these seniors the VERY BEST! Go Raiders! Senior...
SENIOR SPOTLIGHT 2020 - Bridget Noonan
Over the next week, WYLC will be showing our support to the...
May 15th Boys & Girls - UPDATE
May 15, 2020   Wellesley Lacrosse families,   We...

We wish out seniors the VERY BEST!!!! Go Raiders!

Senior 2020 Spotlight: Andrew Pini

Andrew joined the Wellesley Youth lacrosse program in fifth grade as a newbie to the sport and quickly became one of the most feared defenders in the league.  He brought an energy and intensity to the field from day one and continued to make an impact on the field as a member of the varsity team.  Pini was poised to star on the defensive side of the field this season; opposing offenses would have had a tough time finding their way to the Wellesley goal thanks to Andrew's toughness and smarts.  Andrew is a multi-faceted talent who surely would have sung the National Anthem at his senior game this season.  Raider Nation will miss you next year, Pini.  Good luck at Ohio State!!

by posted 05/31/2020

We wish our seniors the VERY BEST! Go Raiders!!!

Senior 2020 Spotlight: Will Manning

Will is a four-year varsity player who began his Wellesley lacrosse career in 2nd grade as one of the youngest players in the Wellesley youth program.  As a HS player, he most often played offensive middie but made his way onto an attack line from time to time.  Will quietly became one of the top five scorers his freshman year and his scoring contributions grew each year after that.  The 2020 scouting report on Will would definitely have  included tactics to shut him down but it's tough to lock down a player who is a threat from the crease or the top.  In particular, it would have been interesting to see if the scouts identified his dominant hand correctly this season!  He played in a lot of memorable games for WHS, including the overtime playoff upset over Duxbury in 2018.  In addition to his playing days, Will gave back to the youth program in recent years as a coach of one of the 3rd/4th grade teams.  His booming cheer for his Raider teammates will be missed when he heads off to Syracuse University in the fall!


by posted 05/29/2020

Over the next week WYLC will be Spotlighting the 2020 Wellesley High School Varsity Boys Lacrosse Seniors, some are alums of the WYLC Program, others have joined in with Wellesley later in their lacrosse career. All have done an amazing job playing at WHS, and we wish them all the absolute best wherever their journey takes them next. 


Senior 2020 Spotlight: Teddy Komjathy

Teddy is an expert face-off player who was such a threat on the field, he often remained part of the offensive mid-field while his peers raced to the sidelines.  Teddy was a three-year member of Wellesley's boys' lacrosse team and was named captain for his senior season.  Teddy is and always has been one of the most coachable athletes around - he is respectful and ruthlessly competitive at the same time.  He welcomed the input of all of his coaches which makes it no surprise that his lacrosse career is continuing.  Teddy is taking his talents to Hartford, CT in the fall and will join the Trinity College lacrosse team.  The WHS lacrosse team will not be the same without him and Raider nation will be rooting him on from afar!!

by posted 05/27/2020

We wish our seniors the VERY BEST! Go Raiders!

Senior Spotlight 2020: Emily Rourke


Hi Raiders!

I am a senior captain of the 2020 WHS varsity lacrosse team. I started playing lacrosse for the Wellesley Youth Lacrosse Program in third grade all the way up to the Select team in eighth grade. Lacrosse has been one of my favorite parts of my high school experience. I have formed friendships with teammates that go beyond the field that I will keep for many years to come. I am so grateful for the way lacrosse has created these bonds for me.

I also was lucky to have the special experience of playing alongside my sister, Lulu. She is two grades below me so we never got to play on the same youth team, but we were always looking forward to getting the chance in high school. We played defense together last year. It was really rewarding to go from backyard passing for so many years to then putting it all together on the high school field.

Next year I plan to attend Hobart and William Smith Colleges where I will be playing ice hockey and I am thinking about majoring in Education! I played for the high school hockey team for the past four years. I am so grateful for all of the memories and friendships that Wellesley High sports as a whole has brought me. I encourage all of you to try as many sports as you can at the high school!

Go Raiders! 

by posted 05/25/2020
SENIOR SPOTLIGHT 2020 - Faith Graves


We wish our seniors the VERY BEST! Go Raiders!!!

Senior Spotlight 2020: Faith Graves


Hi Youth Lax Girls! I play attack for the WHS varsity lacrosse team.

My experience throughout the Wellesley Youth Lacrosse Program was the perfect balance of fun and competition. It was great to form relationships with new teammates and coaches that I still interacted with at the high school level. The flexibility of playing many positions during youth allowed me to really get a strong idea of where I played best in preparation for high school. Trying out for the Wellesley Select Lacrosse Team was very helpful because it gave me a good idea of what high school tryouts would feel like. The level was also much more fast paced and allowed me to grow as an athlete.

Playing youth translated towards my high school lacrosse years in a very positive way, because I had already strengthened my relationships with fellow players and knew who I worked well with on the field. As of now I’ll be taking a gap year and will hopefully play lacrosse in college!

Go Raiders! 

by posted 05/23/2020
SENIOR SPOTLIGHT 2020 - Anna Hereu


We wish these seniors the VERY BEST! Go Raiders!

Senior Spotlight 2020: Anna Hereu


Hi guys!

I am one of the senior captains of the WHS varsity lacrosse team. I play goalie and I started with the Wellesley Youth Lacrosse Program in 5th grade. I started out as a field player and had a great time with all my friends, but in 7th grade when it was my turn to play goalie, I decided that’s what I wanted to stick with. There was something about the excitement when I would make a save and I loved it from the moment I stepped in goal. From then on, I played for the Core (now called Select) team for 2 years as their goalie.

When I got to the high school, I made the varsity team my freshman year and had the best time of my life. I made so many friends and special connections with my coaches. I even got to start in a D1 state championship game my sophomore year and it was easily the most exciting and fun moment of my life. The lacrosse team was one of the best parts of my high school experience. I know we are all sad it had to end this way but I am so grateful that I got those 3 amazing years.

Next year I am going to Chapman University in California and may be walking on to the Division 3 lacrosse team, but if not, I will be joining their club team! I hope each one of you keeps practicing in this time off and you should all be excited about what’s to come!

Go Raiders!

by posted 05/21/2020
SENIOR SPOTLIGHT 2020 - Bridget Noonan

Over the next week, WYLC will be showing our support to the Wellesley High School Lacrosse Seniors. These seniors decided to write a letter to the WYLC Youth to share with them how much the WYLC impacted them as a player.

We wish these seniors the VERY BEST! Go Raiders!!!!

Senior 2020 Spotlight: Bridget Noonan


Hi Everyone! 

I’m a senior captain on the WHS varsity lacrosse team.  My main position is middie (midfield) but I also play attack.  Playing for the Wellesley Youth Lacrosse Program gave me an opportunity to find a love for the game by having fun with my friends and overall just enjoying the sport. With this I began to put time and effort into getting better and fulfilling a dream of playing collegiate lacrosse. 

Playing on the Select team also gave me a balance of having fun with my regular team and then having a harder more focused practice following it.  I also began friendships with the grade above me that made the transition onto the high school and varsity lacrosse team really easy and exciting.  

Playing for the varsity team was one of the highlights of my high school experience. The bonds you form with your teammates make playing so much fun and the overall respect everyone has for each other pushes you to get better every practice.  The team also gives you an opportunity to make friends in all grades with people you would’ve never thought.  

Next year I will be attending and playing lacrosse for Virginia Tech. 

Go Raiders!

by posted 05/19/2020
May 15th Boys & Girls - UPDATE

May 15, 2020


Wellesley Lacrosse families,


We hope that you and your family is doing well and adjusting to the circumstances of this unprecedented time and hope everyone continues with the stay safe and stay home recommendations.  As we continue with home schooling through the end of this year, we hope there will be word of a chance to get back to some type of normal schedule where kids can get outside, run around together and have fun.

The Founders League and MBYLL have cancelled this Spring season.  WYLC is exploring opportunities to provide a modified program this summer, if allowed.  However, our number one priority is the health and safety of our players and coaches.  Since there is still uncertainty and many considerations that need to be determined, we will wait for further guidance on if and when we can get out and play. 

For those players interested in a summer program, WYLC will apply your Classic registration fee towards that program.  WYLC will communicate details at a later date.

At this time, WYLC will process 100% refunds for those who paid 2020 Select registration fees. 

For those players who will not be able to participate in a summer program, the Classic program registration fees can be 1) considered a charitable donation to WYLC or 2) request a refund*. 

Please complete the following steps, for each child registered:

  1. Log into your account at www.wellesleylacrosse.org and go to the registration tab.
  2. Refund/Donation Spring 2020 page will appear.  Click “Register”.
  3. Register Family Member page will appear.  Click “Register” for your child.
  4. Refund/Donation Spring 2020 page will appear with player contact information (address, phone, etc.)  Click “Submit”.
  5. Supplemental Information page will appear.  Player name and “refund/donation Spring 2020” options will appear.
  6. Select donate or refund and include contact information (name/address for refund).  Click “Submit”.

*As mentioned in our previous communication, classic program fee refunds will be issued at 70% of the initial registration fee due to the non-refundable expenses the program has already incurred.  As a non-profit organization, we rely on the registration fees to cover costs to run the program.

We will continue to monitor the situation and hope that the kids will be able to safely take the field soon.  We appreciate your patience as we go through this process.


Be well,

WYLC Board


by posted 05/15/2020

We are raising money to benefit the WYLC, and any donation will help make an impact. 

To donate please click here.

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Please help us ensure your family contact information is up to date.

If you haven’t reviewed or updated your WYLC Family Account recently, please do the following steps:

  • Login to your account

  • Click on My Account at the top of the screen and review the information in your WYLC family account

  • Click Add Guardian to add additional members of your family to receive communications

  • Click though the name of each Guardian to review and update your account as needed

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