Wellesley Youth Lacrosse Club

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Who can Participate in WYLC programs?

The WYLC Program is offered in the Spring for Boys and Girls Grades 1st - 8th, who live in Wellesley or attend school in Wellesley.  

Please see the Boys Program tab for further information about the Boys program


Does my daughter need to have prior experience?

Not at all. We encourage players of all levels at any age.  All we ask is they bring a positive attitude and a willingness to learn.

We do our best to have balanced teams and equal playing time for all players on these Classic teams so that they can have a positive experience. 


Is it ok if my daughter plays another sport at the same time?

We think it is important for kids to play all kinds of sports throughout the year.  We only ask that you prioritize Lacrosse in the Spring season, if there are conflicts.  Lacrosse is a team sport and requires practices in order for your child and the team to be successful.

If your child plans to be absent for practice and especially games, please notify the team manager/coach ahead of time so that they can plan ahead.




I don’t know anything about lacrosse. Can you tell me the basics of the game?

Players are grouped by grades 3/4, 5/6 or 7/8.  Games are approximately one hour long, and have a running clock.

  • In grades 3 / 4 they field 7 players plus a goalie and play on a modified field. 
  • In grades 5/6 and 7/8, teams field 11 players plus a goalie and play on a full woman’s lacrosse field.

Field positions include Midfielder (Middies), Attackers, and Defenders. It is a very fast-paced game and in the Founders League, our officials explain whistles to the players as they occur. 

US Lacrosse has great information on their website here, including field diagrams and common lacrosse calls & glossary.  Please also refer to the Game overview document on our website under the Girls Program tab.


What League is WYLC a part of and who do we play?

The Girls program is a part of the Founders League.

FGLL is considered an “instructional” league.  There are no standings kept, no league championship or playoffs.  Currently, all Classic teams from each town are balanced (no A team, B team).  The goals are teaching the sport and providing a rewarding experience for all involved.  To learn more and find a list of towns, go to www.fgll.org


When is registration?

Registration generally begins in November and will stay open until maximum team space has been reached.

Please go to the registration link on the HOME page of our website


When does the season begin/end?

Typically, the season begins the end of March with the season ending mid-June. 

There are usually a few pre-season practices a week or two prior to the season start date.  These practices, for Grades 3rd – 8 th, will be announced as soon as space is secured.


When and where are practices?

For Classic Teams…

1st / 2nd Grade

1 Per week

Hunnewell Fields


10:00 - 11:30 am

3rd / 4th Grade

2 Per week

WHS Turf

Tuesday and Friday

5:45/6:00 – 7:00 pm

5th / 6th Grade

2 Per week

Wellesley College

Tuesday and Thursday

5:45/6:00 – 7:00 pm

7th / 8th Grade

2 Per week

Sprague Field

Tuesday and Thursday

5:45/6:00 - 7:00 pm


*Dates, times and locations may change due to weather or other events


Do you provide uniforms? 

For Grades 1 and 2, girls will be given a pinnie at the first practice.  They should wear these to each practice.

For Grades 3 through 8, new this year (2019), there is an opportunity to reuse your uniform from last year.  If your uniform still fits, please reduce waste and wear it for another season.  

If you need a new uniform, you will need to indicate that in the registration process and it will be given to your child before the first game. 

Girls are required to wear their game pinnie, game skirt and something underneath their skirt (your choice but girls usually wear black stretch pants/shorts)

**Coordinators may request the players to wear their game pinnie to each practice.


What equipment do we need and where can I get it?

Please refer to the girls equipment information under the Girls Program tab on our website for more detail.

  • Girls or woman’s Lacrosse stick (no boys sticks)
  • Regulation Lacrosse goggles
  • Colored Mouthguard (white or clear are not allowed)
  • Cleats and/or Turf shoes - They can be softball, soccer or lacrosse
  • Gloves are optional (no boys’ gloves)


There are many places that sell equipment, some offer a discount "starter package." Some options include; Lacrosse Unlimited in Wellesley, Dick’s in Framingham or the Natick Outdoor Store.  


Please note:   Please avoid getting your daughter’s ears pierced before or during the season since she will be unable to play with ANY jewelry on.  The Founders League will not accept girls with bandages over their ears due to newly pierced ears.  No exceptions.


How are teams created?

The Founders League requires all towns to put together balanced teams.  Wellesley will make a best effort to assign players based on lacrosse skills, experience, athleticism, attitude, effort and availability.  No requests for player assignments will be considered unless a hardship is determined. 

Teams will be announced at least one week prior to the first game.


Who are the coaches?

The majority of our coaches are volunteer parents who have either played in college or are interested in providing support to the town program.  Some of our coaches are also current college graduates that also played.  In addition, our WHS teams may assist with practices.


How are practices run?

Our philosophy for practices is to provide each player the opportunity to play in a fun and competitive environment.  Our coaches promote skill development, sportsmanship, team play and love of the sport.   Our program is aligned with the US Lacrosse Athlete Development Model (LADM). In both the CLASSIC and SELECT programs, the focus is to encourage personal growth and skill development in a fun environment throughout each stage of player’s development.

Each of our practices include stick skills and lots of small sided drills and games appropriate for that age group.  Practices may end with some scrimmaging against other Wellesley teams (within the same age group).  We encourage our girls to play against and with other girls of all skill levels since this is how classic teams in the Founders League play games.

As the size of field and number of players increase, particularly at the 5/6 and 7/8 levels, we also push the girls to play competitively in practices/scrimmages so that they can build their endurance, since they will be playing in full field games.  

By the time classic practice is over, those playing Select have had a full warm up of small sided skills work.  The Select team(s) will generally focus on more strategic and game IQ while also encouraging good stick skills while in drills and scrimmage play.


When do we get our game schedule, when/where are games played?

For Grades 1- 2, they typically do not have games unless there are other towns that would like to host friendly scrimmages.  These are TBD and will be determined by the coordinator.  If they are scheduled, they usually happen at the same time as practice, on Saturday mornings.

For Grades 3 - 8, games are played on Sundays, except for Easter Sunday (4/21/19) and Memorial Day Weekend (5/26/19).  Games are scheduled either home or away and are determined by FGLL. 

Game schedule/teams will be given to teams about one week prior to the first game. 


Does WYLC provide other opportunities to play throughout the year?

WYLC strives to provide opportunities for kids to play more lacrosse off-season and stay in Wellesley.  Programs that may be offered include Off Season Clinics, Strength and Conditioning Classes, and League run games.

For Girls, there is also a Jamboree at the end of the season, for all age groups.  This is played in mid-June. You will be contacted by your coach or coordinator closer to the end of the season to sign-up for the Jamboree.


How do I use the website to find my whole families schedule?

Go to the WYLC website then to Team Info / Multi-Schedule

From here, choose the season we are in (For example, Spring 2019). Then select the team that your children are a part of (includes Boys and Girls) and Submit.  


What is the weather policy for games and practices?

If the weather is poor, there will be a determination made by 4:00 pm for practices and will be communicated by the Coordinator for that age group.   

If there is any unexpected lightening or threat of a storm while practice is going on, we ask that you or your caregiver comes to the field right away.

*Game changes if it is home or away –

Coordinators will work with coaches and coaches will notify their teams of any game changes.

If a game is changed in advance, then a notification will go out through the WYLC automated system and you will be contacted in the manner in which you selected (Text or email).

In the case of bad weather, always check your email and Text before you drive to a practice or away game.


How will I be notified of practice or game changes?

Each week, the WYLC system will send automatic reminders of practices and games (as long as you signed up for it during registration). 

However, in case of bad weather, the coordinator will send any updates for practice changes, to all teams/parents by 4:00 pm.  Always check your email and texts before you drive to a practice or game.