Wellesley Youth Lacrosse Club

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What is the Select Program?

The Founders Girls Lacrosse League (www.fgll.org) has created a Select division for players who are prepared for a more competitive experience.  The Select program is supplemental to the Wellesley Girls Lacrosse Classic Spring program. 

The goal for the Select program is to make sure all the players experience a positive team culture playing in a competitive environment within and against other competitive teams.

The Select program is for 5-8th graders who want to play more lacrosse at a more skilled and competitive level than Classic program.  These teams will be chosen based upon a tryout in early Spring. 


Who is eligible to participate in the Select Program?

  • 5th or 6th Grade Girls
  • 7th or 8th Grade Girls
  • Must be registered for the Classic Spring Team.


What is the commitment and expectations?  

The Wellesley Select program is for 5-8th graders who want to play more lacrosse at a more skilled and competitive level than the Classic program.  These teams will be chosen based upon a tryout in early Spring. 

These teams are coached by experienced coaches and the level of play is higher than the Classic program within the Founders League.  Players need to commit to the following:

  • Willingness to make lacrosse their priority sport in the Spring.
  • Willingness to play both Classic and Select teams.
  • Willingness to make attendance at both practice and games a priority and communication with coaches is a must.
    • Players must commit to 1.5-2 additional hours of practice a week and games on Friday nights, in addition to the Classic practices and games.
    • As part of the communication with coaches, it is expected that players make the effort to communicate when they will be absent and to advocate for themselves with regard to their own player development.


What else should players and parents know about the Select Program?

  • Players should have a good knowledge of the game and are ready for a higher level of play. 
    • Modified checking is allowed for 5/6 level and full checking is allowed for 7/8 level. 
    • Player safety is a priority therefore player skill level is important.  
  • The selection process will be based on constructing the strongest team, not the strongest group of positional players.  If selected, players may be asked to play different positions and do different things to help the team.  The focus is on fundamentals, ball movement, off ball movement, new skills, and most importantly teamwork.
  • Select team coaches are hired experienced coaches, not players’ parents, who are knowledgeable about the girls’ game, rules and how to motivate and elevate the level of play.
  • Scores and standings are kept for Select teams.
  • Playing time may not be equitable during Select division games.  Players can expect to have meaningful playing time over the course of the season. 


Can my child play for the Select Team and not the Classic team?

No.  The Founders League requires that all players also play on a town Classic team.  This is a Founders League rule and WYLC supports this rule to encourage more play at all levels.  


Do I need to register my child in order to try out?

Yes, there is a separate registration for the Select program.  In addition, your child must be registered for a town Classic team in order to try out for the Select team.   Rostered player fee is estimated at $250/player.


How many players will be selected for each team?

Each year, WYLC is fortunate to have a new mix of players with varying strengths and skill sets.  Therefore, final determination on how many players will be rostered for the Select team will depend on the evaluation of players who are trying out that year.


Do returning players have to try out?

Yes.  Each year, the grade groups includes a different pool of players.  Players are evaluated for a spot on the Select team based on their skill level and teamwork compared to others within that pool.  This is not a league for those who are still trying to master their basic skills or cannot commit to practices and games.


How many tryouts are there?

There will be 2-3 tryout dates and players are required to make at least 1 tryout.  Tryout dates will be announced as soon as field space is confirmed.  Please arrive 15-20 minutes before the tryout to check in, obtain your tryout pinny, stretch, and be ready to play. 


What if my child is injured or cannot participate in a tryout due to a conflict?

If a player is ill, injured, or otherwise cannot attend tryouts, you must contact the age level coordinator prior to the scheduled tryout.  Any player not attending for one of these excused absences will need to be reviewed at another date.  


How are tryouts structured?

Tryouts will consist of drills focused on lacrosse skills such as passing, catching, cradling and ball protection, ground balls, strong defensive skills and attack skills.  During the tryout, players will be evaluated for stick skills, speed, athleticism, game awareness and TEAM play.


Who oversees the tryout, evaluates players, and selects the teams?

  • The age level coordinator organizes and manages the tryout process, allowing the evaluators to focus solely on the performance of the players.  
  • The coordinator works on securing field space, tryout dates, evaluators and coaches to run the drills.
  • Evaluators are responsible for running the try-out and evaluating players. 
  • No evaluator will have a daughter trying out for that age level.  Evaluators are experienced coaches from other town programs, current or former WYLC coaches, club coaches or current HS players.  The evaluators will include the Select coaches. 
  • When possible, no current age level coach will run drills during that tryout.  Coaches are necessary at the tryouts to ensure all players participate, help keep the pace of the drills to allow for an effective evaluation. 
  • Parents are not allowed to attend the tryouts.  This is so the players can focus on what they are doing and are not distracted.


What is the schedule for the Select team?

  • Games will not conflict with Classic team games.  Select team games are generally played on Friday evenings.  The game schedule will depend on other towns with registered Select teams.  Times are typically between 5:00-8:00 pm.
  • Practices will be scheduled after weekly Classic program practices. 


Contacts for 2020

5/6th GRADE

Julie Newman

Christian Brunner 


7/8th GRADE

Mike Cassa 

Kelly Uller