Wellesley Youth Lacrosse Club

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WYLC 2020 COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Spring 2021

Personal Contact and Health:

  • Players and coaches should take measures to prevent all but essential contact necessary to provide a fun and safe environment in practices and games.
  • All should refrain from unnecessary body contact including but not limited to handshakes, high fives fist pumps, hugging etc.
  • Players are responsible for bringing their own drinks to practices and games and are not allowed to share with other players.  Drinks should be labeled with the person’s name.  Any recyclable containers should be brought home each night for cleaning.  Anything left on the field after will be thrown away.
  • Players should bring and use their own hand sanitizer.
  • If a player or coach is ill in anyway, they should not come to practice.  
  • If a player or coach presents or has been exposed to someone with COVID-19, please do not come to practice.  Please also notify your coordinators.
  • If a player is injured during practice, their parent/caregiver will be notified by a coach and must be picked up immediately.  Coaches will maintain a contact list with them so please make sure your contact information in the WYLC system is updated.
  • All players and coaches should practice good general health habits, including hydration, eating well and getting adequate sleep. For further information on good health practices including nutrition and hydration.http://www.wellesleylacrosse.org/Page.asp?n=116240&org=wellesleylacrosse


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

  • All volunteer coaches should wear PPE whenever applicable and possible, such as cloth face coverings.
  • Players should wear cloth face coverings at all times when coming to and from the field as well as during practice.


Pre-Practice/game preparation:

  • Players should use their own equipment (stick, goggles, mouthguard, drink containers)
  • Players/coaches should wash hands and face prior to and after practice.
  • Player’s equipment should be cleaned and disinfected before and after each use.  If needed players can bring a towel to wipe their face and hands during breaks.
  • Players should come to practice ready (shoes on and tied, mouthguard/goggles/helmets ready to be put in/on, boys pads should already be on when they come to the field). 


Drop-Off and Pick up: Please be patient and careful with all the coming and goings of cars and players

  • Drop off for Sprague will be at your designated field.  Pick up will be in the Wellesley Middle School parking lot off of Donizetti St.
  • Drop off for Darcey or Hunnewell will be in the State/Smith St. parking lot entrance.  Pick up will be on the Wellesley High School side entrance (park in WHS lot and walk over to Darcey Turf to meet your child).
  • Parents/guardians are not allowed on the field at any time unless directed by a coach
  • Parents/guardians should not sit in stands (Darcey) or benches.


Entering the field:

  • Players are to maintain a 6ft. distance as they arrive to the field and depart from the field.
  • Players will be assigned a coach or squad color; please remember your coach name and field #, remember your squad color – Players are not to go to any other fields or visit friends. 
  • Players are to maintain their distance by using the sideline/designated cones to drop any bags or water bottles. They will remain at their cone until the coach gives further direction.
  • Please try to arrive at least 15 minutes early so that entrance to the field can be staggered.


During Practice:

  • Coaches will use cones to designate where the girls should be during drills.
  • Small squads will be made so that coaches can control and space the girls out appropriately.
  • Use of the sidelines (to begin practice) and use of the 12 and 8M arc will be used to space the girls.
  • Players and Coaches are not allowed to switch squads during practice – However, there may be one coach that will rotate through squads to help with any instructions.
  • Coaches will maintain their own ball buckets and cones. Coach may need to touch these cones to set up the field, change drills and help distance the players.
  • Players are not allowed to touch the lacrosse balls with their hands, only their sticks.  If accidently touched, those balls will be taken out of the rotation for cleaning.


After Practice:

  • Please follow the drop off and pick up procedures for your designated field location
  • Players and families should vacate the field/facility as soon as is reasonably possible after the conclusion of their practice/game to minimize unnecessary contact with players, coaches, and spectators ideally within 15 minutes.