Wellesley Youth Lacrosse Club

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Girls need the following equipment to play lacrosse:



  • Field Stick (Required)

  • Goggles (Required)

  • Mouthguard (Required)

  • Gloves (Optional)

  • Other Personal Equipment (Optional)


  • Goalie Stick (Required)

  • Helmet (Required)

  • Mouthguard (Required)

  • Goalie Gloves (Optional)

  • Chest Protector (Required)

  • Throat Guard (Required)

  • Pelvic/Abdominal (Youth required/HS recommended)

  • Leg Pads (Required)

For more information, visit Girls Game Overview on US Lacrosse.




Please note:   Please avoid getting your daughter’s ears pierced before or during the season since she will be unable to play with ANY jewelry on.  The Founders League will not accept girls with bandages over their ears due to newly pierced ears.  No exceptions.

Lacrosse Stick info:

  • Purchase a women's stick (often called a standard stick), not a youth or boy’s stick.  
  • Expensive sticks are designed for more experienced players. If you are in Grade 2-8, it is not necessary to buy a top-of-the-line stick.
  • If you are not sure what kind of stick to get, please talk to someone who sells lacrosse equipment.  Lacrosse Unlimited in Wellesley will be happy to talk to you.
  • Sometimes stick shafts can be too long for optimal cradling and passing and therefore can be cut. 

Parents can help create a looser pocket for newly purchased sticks by loosening the strings and using a lacrosse ball to create a deeper pocket.